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    Professional Fiberglass FR4 Sheet manufacturer

  • Products

    * Halogen-Free FR-4 Series

    * Lightweight low density sheet

    * FR-4 / FR-5 sheet

    * G10 / G11 sheet

    * Fr-4 Insulation Panel

    * Insulation Module

    * Lapping carriers

    * Various Epoxy sheet parts

    * Fiberglass Cloth Based CCL Plate

    * Composite Foundation CCL Plate

    * Paper Based CCL Plate,

    * Phenolic Resin Prepreg

    * Acrylic Resin Prepreg

    * Epoxy Resin Prepreg

  • About US

    Core-tex company focused on high-quality fiberglass epoxy sheet (FR4, FR5, G10, G11 sheet ) production and sales, and provide relevant products of specialized processing,.


    The main products include: a full range of fiberglass epoxy sheet (FR4, FR5, G10, G11, etc.), 3D no wax polishing (Figure), Pad, low-density lightweight epoxy board, carbon fiber board, battery heat sink and high precision CNC machining parts. Products are widely used in mobile phone battery cover, grinding fixture, rail transportation, communications facilities and battery insulation and other new energy fields.


    Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, UL product safety certification and SGS environmental testing products.


    Our company strategic is positioning to become a high-end electronic materials and special composite materials applications to provide product solutions provider. Production, research and development and deep processing in one, production flexibility, delivery fast, accurate, to provide quality services to customers!

  • FAQ

    • Who is Core-Tex?

    Shenzhen Core-Tex Composite Materials Co.,Ltd. is an emerging enterprise devoted to Fiberglass Epoxy Board (Halogen-Free FR-4, white lightweight board,FR-4 / FR-5, G10 / G11,3240 Board ), Fiberglass Laminate Sheet and CNC Machined Parts ( Fr-4 Insulation Panel ,Holster support plate ,Epoxy Plate Skeleton, Insulation Module, IPAD AND IPHONE Cover Case ,Insulation Gasket) ,etc

    • Can you provide free samples?

    We can provide A4 format size samples for free.

    • Who pay the courier fee?

    Customers need to pay the courier fee.

    • Shall customer customize the size?

    The commonly used size is 1020mmx1220mm,1020mmx1440mm, 1220mmx1220mm,1220mmx1440mm, other sizes can be customized by customers’ requirement .

    • What’s your delivery time?

    Within 5000 sheets with normal size: within 7 days after deposit received. 6000~20,000 sheets : within 15 days after deposit received. More than 20,000 sheets: According to delivery terms. Remark: Expected circumstances may lead to delivery delay, customer will be informed in time.

    • What’s your payment methods?

    T/T, L/C, Paypal or Western Union.

    • What’s your shipping port?

    Shanghai, Shenzhen or according to customer’s request.

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    Shenzhen Core-Tex Composite Materials Co.,Ltd.

    Room 578, Zhongkang Office Building, Zhongkang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China.
    24 Hours Service